The search for an optometrist began when our insurance was changed. My wife wanted to stay local and not have to go far to neighboring cities. Thank god we did! While searching online we found a few optometrists with pretty good to fairly good reviews - Family Vision Care being right there split down the middle with very good reviews, fair reviews and one or two bad ones from what I recall. Now, me personally I don't tend to be so harsh when it comes to bad reviews because I understand that not everyone gets along or will have the same expectation as the next person. What I can consider a nice Dr. visit or treatment equal to a nice positive review or a 5 star review or feedback may be your worse experience ever or a negative review or a star review or feedback. So I don't pay too close attention to that and rather I prefer to experience that for myself. We can always change Dr's right?
Well I found a few in Oakdale but it came down to how close we wanted to be from our home. And since we are already patients at Oakdale kids we wanted to stay in that vicinity. We chose Family Vision on California accross from the Post office. It's very convenient and not to mention the staff is incredible courteous and nice! Let's start with the first phone call placed to the office, Angelica was so nice as she received my insurance information and scheduled my wife's appointment. I did everything for my wife since she was at work and couldn't do it herself. Then appointment day comes and although we didn't see or get to meet Angelica in person, we were greeted and helped by Rocio, she was very pleasant and nice to deal with. She is also bilingual and fluent in Spanish. That was great for my wife since she is from Venezuela. She gave my wife her first eye exams and took a few pictures of her eyes and gave us alot of info. After the initial exams she asked us to wait back in the waiting room while she gave the Dr the info. After a very short while we were called back in by Rocio and met Dr. Winnick. Very nice and pleasant Dr. Even cracked a couple jokes. Very nice guy. He gave my wife alot of information and went over the results of the exams performed by Rocio earlier. He performed additional tests on my wife and concluded that in fact she needed glasses and a specific type. We loved that they are a one stop optometry office! When it came time to pick out glasses Rocio was there to help my wife. I gave my two cents as well. And we finally picked out a very nice pair of glasses. I didn't want my wife to look to old as some glasses can make you look older than you really are so we went for these very nice but still young-ish but mature pair. Very nice! We both loved them! Even Rocio liked the way they looked on my wife! Rocio went over the cost and broke it down for us which was cool. She told us everything that was covered by the insurance and what our out of pocket cost would be. Even though our out of pocket cost exceeded what we were ready to for at that moment the office provided a payment plan. We gave two thirds of the cost down to begin making the frame and glasses and we can give the rest prior to getting my wifes' glasses or upon arrival. We liked that they work with their patients. And the feeling was like walking to see an old friend. That was our experience and we are sticking with Dr. Winnick and his office and staff especially Rocio. So if you're looking for an optometry office that is also a one stop shop for your eye needs visit Dr. Winnick. We hope your experience is as nice as ours!

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