I have to start out saying that my insurance is good not great.

The doctor is very thorough but I felt like he was trying to up-sell me through out the appointment ( extra glasses for computer, $45 glaucoma check,...). Along the way he asked if I wanted scratch proof lenses, photochromic lenses, .... I said yes because my insurance covered it.

I got to the frame selection counter and I told the tech to show me only frames my plan would pay for. I picked a basic frame and the total came to $507! I couldn't believe it. I told them to give me my prescription and I would go to Costco. Then another tech took over and took the extra premium charges that my insurance would not pay for off and replaced them with the level of upgrades that were covered. I paid $102.

The doctor is fine but be wary of how they add on non covered charges. I probably won't return because of sales pressure. Who needs that?

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